mutantC_V1 All the info you need to make one

Getting started

CheckOut mutantC_V4 as it is sucssor of this from here.

Take a look at this in 3D using AutoDesk Fusion 360 Online.

A Raspberry-pi handheld platform with a physical keyboard, Display and Expansion header for add-on baords (Like Ardinuo Shield).

Here we will dicusses what you need to build one. This device is very easy to make, you don't need lots of tools and parts.

No codding skill is needed. just basic stuff like uplaod a code to Ardinuo, little skill in Linux CMD line to install the driver. Little soldering skill that's all.

You need this parts to make one for your self (this are not affiliate links):

  • Raspberry-pi - zero, 2, 3. (pi4 is not supported, also it is too hot for this application without a fan).
  • LCD - 3.5 inch gpio LCD or 4.0 inch gpio LCD
  • Ardinuo for keyboard - SparkFun Pro Micro.
  • Push buttons - 6x5x5 mm, 43 pieces.
  • Printed PCB - Display_PCB or Main_PCB
  • 3d parts - 6 (1 optional)
  • FPC-connector - 2 pis (1mm pitch- 16 pin) link .
  • FPC-cable - 1 pis (1mm pitch- 16 pin) link .
  • Screw - 10 mm, 1.8mm width. .

All the 3d parts, PCB and Graber files, keyboard framware are in Gitlab and free to donload and use:

I added the build guide in Instructables as it is perfect palce for it: